Japanese language Courses

Let's enjoy learning Japanese from professional instructors at ATHAPPY School in Kumamoto!

Japanese language course


 Are you Japan having trouble Japanese in your daily life or work?

If you are currently in Kumamoto, why don't you consider at ATHAPPY School's Japanese course? There are two classrooms in Kikuyo-machi, Hikarinomori and Hanatate, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City.

Japanese will be taught by a full-time instructor who is qualified as a teacher, so you can learn ensuring efficient learning.

For business users, we will also guide you to the level required for your work.

Even beginners can rest assured as we provide careful guidance from the basics.

Children start with daily conversation, but textbooks can be challenging in junior high school and high school, so we will guide them to keep up with school classes.


Steps to Japanese improvement

Group Lessons (Adults)

Small class sizes

There is a maximum of 6 students per class, and the instructor will carefully guide you.

Classes by level

Even if you are completely new to Japanese or have experience in self-taught Japanese, we will steadily raise the level of learning based on solid foundation of Japanese.

The instructor will recommend a class that matches your level.

You can take friendly and fun lessons through direct conversations with the instructor, which are not available online.



Learn Japanese conversation, reading and writing from the basics.

Even if you come to Japan and can have daily conversations with your friends, if you cannot read or write, you will have trouble in your daily life.

In addition, the understanding of school textbooks can be difficult.

We will guide you so that you can participate in elementary and junior high school classes in Japan.

For those aiming to pursue higher education in the Japan in the future, and those who are employed, it is important to read and write kanji from a young age.

Homework will be given to you, so parents and guardians are asked to cooperate.

Japanese inputs and outputs

In the classroom, let's enjoy conversation with the output of the Japanese. For input, please write a diary in Japanese. Let's also do quizzes and improve from the basics!

If you only focus on speaking Japanese, it will take a lot of time to improve. If you truly want to improve your Japanese, please consider studying at home, even though it may be a bit strict.

Let's study effectively with both output and input.

(If you are too busy to do your homework, please contact us in advance.)

Japanese course for business

Many people use Japanese for work. If you are employed by a Japanese company or are considering working in Japan in the future, Japanese language proficiency is essential.

Students will learn various patterns of business Japanese, from basic conversations such as "honorific language," "business manners," and "answering the phone" necessary for everyday business situations to more complex conversations like "business negotiations."

We will guide you so that you can use Japanese effectively in a business context.

Private Lessons

In private lessons, lessons are tailored to each individual, so unlike group lessons, you can study at your own pace. You can work toward your goals, whether it's pursuing higher education or finding a job.

(This option is recommended for those who have recently come to Japan from overseas, or for those who already have basic skills but want to improve further.)  

JLPT Preparation Course (Commuting)

JLPT preparation is widely recognized as a measure of Japanese ability. Passing the exam can be highly advantageous for your career or education prospects.

Would you like to study for the JLPT exam held in July and December every year?

In the "JLPT Exam Preparation Course," you will aim to pass the exam by thoroughly practicing exam preparation and reviewing past questions.

English conversation Eiken course

We also offer English conversation courses. 

We have beginner, intermediate, business English conversation and interpretation courses, as well as qualification courses such as EIKEN and TOEIC.

Our instructors are excellent, including ALTs with experience teaching elementary and junior high schools in Japan, native teachers with over 20 years of experience teaching English conversation, Eiken Level 1 instructors from American universities, and Japan instructors with university teaching experience.

Computer & Children's Programming Course

ATHAPPY PCSchool has been in operation for 10 years now.

We offer computer and smartphone courses, and children's scratch and Minecraft robot programming are also popular options.

If you enroll in both Japanese and computer courses, you can save 2,000 yen on the lesson fees.

For seniors, you can explore the digital world through brain training.


We organize various events such as Christmas parties and dinner parties.

Let's have fun with everyone in the English conversation course and computer course.

Engaging in free talk with Japan people will also help improve your speaking skills.

When you make friends, the fun is doubled!


We offer regular counseling.

Please reach out to us for assistance with any concerns or problems related to learning Japanese.

What is your goal for mastering Japanese? Let's work together to make your dreams come true.


Japanese language course(Children)

primary school student

Target: 1st ~ 6th grade of elementary school

Learn Japanese conversation, reading and writing from the basics.

Even if you can have daily conversations in Japan, understanding school textbooks can be challenging.

Learn to understand Japanese elementary school lessons.

Homework will be assigned, so parents and guardians are requested to cooperate.


Junior high school students

Target: 1st to 3rd grade of junior high school

Secondary school textbooks can be difficult even for people familiar with Japan.

Even for math word problems, you first need to understand Japanese.

We will teach Japanese so that you can practice Japanese from the basics and read and write the contents of school lessons.


High school student

Target: 1st ~ 3rd year high school students

University entrance exams require the ability to comprehend lengthy sentences and handle complex Kanji characters.

First and foremost, you will learn the basic skills necessary to aim for higher education.

(Lessons are the same as for adults.) 


Japanese language course(Adults)

Beginner Course

In this course, you will acquire basic language skills that can be used in various situations such as daily conversation and travel in Japan.


There are many characters to memorize in  Japanese,  including hiragana, katakana, and kanji.


We provide guidance in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners. First-timers can take the course with peace of mind. In addition to free talk, you will gradually learn grammar and pronunciation from the basics.


To be able to write sentences in Japanese, you will write a diary for homework, and we will correct it.


Through writing, you will learn vocabulary and grammar in a practical way.

Intermediate Course

This is a group lesson of the Japanese course for those who have completed the beginner course. Students aim to have free conversations using necessary vocabulary and phrases on various daily topics. We will develop communication skills in Japanese. While learning the polite language of  Japanese, we will aim to improve pronunciation to be closer to native speakers.

This course is recommended for those who want to make more use of the grammar and vocabulary learned in the beginner course.



JLPT preparation is widely recognized as a measure of Japanese ability. Passing the exam can be highly advantageous for your career or education prospects.

Would you like to prepare for the JLPT exam held in July and December every year?

In the "JLPT Exam Preparation Course," you will aim to pass the exam by thoroughly practicing exam preparation and reviewing past questions.


Japanese course (adults)

You can choose between group lessons for up to 6 people and private lessons for individuals.

If you want to enjoy learning with friends, choose group lessons, if you want to take classes freely without worrying about your surroundings, or if you want to make quick progress, please choose private lessons.

Monthly  Free
Group Lessons(4 times a month) 13,200yen
Group Lessons(8 times a month) 22,000yen
Private Lessons(4 times a month) 33,000yen
Private Lessons(8 times a month) 59,400yen
JLPT Course(4 times a month) 16,500yen


Monthly Fee
Group Lessonns(4 times a month) 11,000yen
Group Lessonns(8 times a month) 19,800yen

Hikari no Mori School Lesson TIMES

Japanese Lecture

(Adult) 50 minutes

(Children) 40 minutes

Hanatachi School Lesson TIMES

Japanese Lecture

(Adult) 50 minutes

(Children) 40 minutes

MonTue 13:00~14:00~

Friday 13:00~14:00~



Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I substitute holidays?

A: As long as you continue to pay the monthly fee, you can transfer it until the end of the following month. We have introduced a reservation system, so you can cancel 24 hours in advance.


Q: Is there a Japanese course for children?

A: Yes, we offer lessons for elementary school students and above. We make lessons enjoyable so that students develop an affinity for Japanese. Students study to understand school textbooks and exams better.


Q: I am a beginner in Japanese and knows very little. Can I still take the course?

A: Language requires a lot of practice. Home study and consistent practice in the classroom are recommended.

Even beginners can learn with confidence..


Q: I use English for work, but do you also have Japanese learning for business?

A: Yes, we offer business Japanese. If you are in a hurry, we recommend private lessons.


Q: Do I need to pay for textbooks?

A: Yes, we use dedicated textbooks, so you will need to purchase them. Each copy costs approximately 3000 yen.


Q: Can I study for the JLPT exam?

A: Yes, you can study for the exam. You will also need to pay for the study materials.

Flow of enrollment

STEP 1 Reservation

Please contact us using your LINE friend's QR code.

Or give us a call.

Kumamoto Kikuyocho Hikari no Mori School 096-285-8205

Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City Hanadate School 096-285-5355

Telephone calls may go to voicemail, so if you register as a LINE friend, your reservation will be smoother.

Or contact us using the inquiry form.


STEP2 Trial Lessons

In the trial lesson, we will explain the course and the purpose of learning.

You will have a brief trial lesson in Japanese. If you plan to take group lessons, we will assess your level.

Feel free to visit us.; Each school has a parking lot.

Reservations are required, so please contact us in advance.

STEP3 Enrollment procedure

To complete the enrollment process, you will need to sign and pay the application form.

After joining, you can make a reservation or transfer online thorugh the reservation system. If you pay a monthly fee, please change it by the end of the following month.

You can also start in the middle of the month.

STEP4 Join the lesson after joining

In the classroom, let's enjoy conversation with the output of the Japanese. For input, please write a diary in Japanese. We also incorporate quizzes to improve from the basics!

If you're serious about improving your Japanese, consuder studying at home, even tough may be a bit demanding.

Let's study effectively with output and input. If you are too busy to do your homework, please contact us in advance.

Online Lesson Introduction

You can choose between commuting to theschool or taking online lessons for each class.

If you have a tight schedule, we recommend online lessons. You can participate in group lessons online, and it's also suitable for transfers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online lessons became prevalent,  but questions were raised about motivation and instructor quality.  Inexpensive online lessons may not provide instruction from qualified Japanese teachers. Some online courses even have background noise. ATHAPPY School in Kumamoto, you can rest assured that a full-time instructor will provide guidance, whether you attend in person or online. You will need a computer or smartphone. You can select your lesson format up to 24 hours before the lesson using our online reservation system.




【Hanadate School】

 2-6-5 Hanatate, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto Prefecture



熊本市東区花立2丁目6-5 1F

熊本銀行 桜木支店前



Lesson time

[Monday & Thursday] until 9pm

[Fri] afternoon

[Sat] 1st & 2nd Saturday


(Reservation required)

ATHAPPY(光の森校・熊本 菊陽町)


【Hikarinomori School】

Hikari no Mori, Kikuyo-machi, Kikuchi-gun,kumamoto Prefecture          






Lesson time

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Friday AM PM

Until 9pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

(Reservation required)


Japanese Lecture

(Adult) 50 minutes

(Children) 40 minutes